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  BigSeminar #1 Dallas The Full Seminar

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Alex MandossianIf you have been meaning to amp up your traffic conversion, you have come to the right place. In this audio seminar, Alex Mandossian talks about the driving principles of converting website traffic into cold, hard cash. While we tend to think in terms of strategy, Alex, who has worked with greats like Anthony Robbins and Associates among others, takes a different turn to Internet Marketing. He does not emphasize the external strategies; rather, he believes in and advocates time-tested universal principles, applied to online marketing.

This audio seminar would prove crucial to your business because these principles hold true on- and offline. You can base your online, and even offline strategy on these principles.

Through the use of anecdotes to drive home his point, Alex Mandossian helps the online marketer realize what is important in online traffic conversion.

Alex Mandossian gives us the reasons:

1) Why tactics are just marketing tools, and why these can become obsolete overnight.
2) Why attracting customers is the key, instead of chasing them around, and eventually, away.

Alex stresses that people buy from you because they know you; because they trust you. And he gives you compelling reasons why you must take care to build that trust. Not only that, he also puts forth the reasons why people WON’T buy from you.

Want to find out how Alex tells you to build clients’ trust? Explore the sensible principles of online moneymaking via traffic conversion that Alex Mandossian has for you now!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas the Full Seminar - Speaker Alex Mandossian
By Alex Mandossian

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand MorinDo you have the desire to make your own products, but you don’t know where to start? Are you interested in online moneymaking niches, but you have no experience? In this seminar, Armand Morin helps you figure out how to create sure-fire hyper opt-in products that require no experience whatsoever on your part.

In this audio, Armand Morin tells you:

1) How you can develop products even without experience in making them.
2) How his sure-fire strategy can make sure your products attract sales.
3) Why capitalizing on current trends in the marketplace would give you ideas for the perfect moneymaking products.
4) How exactly an opt-in list would help you rake in cash.
5) Why Niche Marketing would be the key for you to succeed in Internet Marketing.
6) Why your products do not have to be wholly unique in order to sell. And how you can make them sell virally no matter what.
7) How the “Holy Crap” factor spells the difference whether your products would sell like hotcakes or just gather molds.

Armand gives us reasons to plow on in Internet Marketing through the strategies he put forth in this seminar. Through this audio, your questions on how you can position yourself in the Internet Marketing world will be answered with simple but “Holy Crap” methods of ensuring that his products generate cash. Listen in on how he made it big, and learn how you too can get a slice of the Internet Marketing pie through this Big Seminar Audio featuring Armand Morin.

Big Seminar #1 Dallas the Full Seminar - Speaker Armand Morin
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Joel ChristopherDo you want to know how you can turn “existing to support your business” into “having your business existing to support you”? Do you want to know how you can tap onto your passion and create a business around it? Joel Christopher, in an hour and twenty-five minutes, shows you mind-blowing techniques on how to do just that, through maximizing your mailing list.

Joel Christopher is currently one of the most respected people in online moneymaking circles, and his secret weapon, his virtual “gold mine,” is his opt-in email list on steroids. In 12 steps, he explains how you can create a mailing list system that will rake in profits for you, and even help your members in their own online ventures. The process, which Joel Christopher calls “auto-humanization,” banks on relationships with the people in your mailing list. He tells you that you can actually profit from them by treating your mailing list members as more than cash cows. This audio shows you how.

Other gems in this audio seminar include:

1) What the “PIE” principle is and how to put it to good use.
2) What the “USP” is, and why it would help you make a name for yourself online.
3) What the “COIN” is, why it is crucial to your business, and how you could make it work for you.

Get it from Joel Christopher, who believes that “less is more,” and that “slow is fast.” This guy knows what he’s talking about, seeing as he has tripled his opt-in list in less than 90 days. Want to know his secrets and even the meanings of those acronyms? Listen to his seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas The Full Seminar - Speaker Joel Christopher
By Joel Christopher

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Carl GallettiFact #1: acquiring the first sale is 4-5 times more expensive than the subsequent sales. Fact #2: 80% of the major sales occur on or after the 7 or 8th contact with your customers. So how then should you make web or ad copy that would propel your product to go beyond that first sale? How then should you word your web/ad copy in order to build long-term relationships with your customers?

In this audio, Carl Galletti tells you exactly how to do the above, and also how to be the best copywriter around. As he says, copywriting is essentially selling something to someone. You have to be the best at it, or else you won’t make money.

This audio also contains Carl Galletti stating the reasons why:

1) Long-term relationships with your customers are crucial. He also states why building relationships with them is absolutely important to your business.
2) You need to get your customers’ contact information.
3) Integrity can make you stand out among all the Internet Marketers.
4) It is important to affiliate yourself with other businesses and business owners you can trust.
5) You should make your own business and yourself someone others can trust also.

Beyond the creation of compelling ad copy, Carl Galletti puts forth time-tested business principles from authors that have been experts in the copywriting field even back in the 1970’s! Trust Carl Galletti to feed you with business and ad copy gems; download this seminar audio right now!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas The Full Seminar - Speaker Carl Galletti
By Carl Galletti

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Ted CiubaDo you want to know how to make millions without spending a single dime? Do you want to know how you can get over $4737 before a 72-hour period is up? Do you want to know how dynamic speaker Ted Ciuba skyrocketed his way out of a trailer into millions of dollars through copywriting?

If you are interested in hearing:

1) Why opening your imagination may well be the secret to unlocking online riches,
2) Why writing down your goals will spell the difference between remaining poor or becoming rich, and
3) How you can tap into the historical phenomenon of making money in your own room, in your pajamas...

Then you better listen to Ted Ciuba as he outlines the Principles of Internet Marketing; the same principles that propelled him out of his trailer and onto the Big Seminar stage in Dallas, speaking about how he made millions through the copywriting online venture.

As Ted says, “It’s right here, right now.” The hot stuff of Internet moneymaking with no cash out is available to you, right this moment: all you need to do is download this Big Seminar audio right now!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas The Full Seminar - Speaker Ted Ciuba
By Ted Ciuba

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Randy CharachDo you want to know how a teenage magician-slash-businessman graduated from raking in money through magic shows into raking in money on the Internet?

Randy Charach, already a successful magician and entrepreneur, took his moneymaking shovel online and managed to strike gold the same way he had struck gold in the magic show and toy business. In this hour and a little over twenty-four minutes of exciting, power-packed audio, Randy will show you:

1) How you can actually make an e-book even though you don’t know how to type... or write!
2) How you can tap into even the smallest niche possible and still manage to make millions!
3) How to get a market you know very well and create a product that would make you hundreds of thousands of dollars off of it.

Randy also gives you compelling reasons:

1) Why asking what your customers want would get you monetary results.
2) Why making good rapport with clients, customers, and with people in general, is important to your business.
3) Why skills and intuition are important in building your own business.

Realize too, the power behind Randy’s assertions that:

1) Planning your goals will help your business.
2) Writing down your goals will help you achieve them.
3) Taking time to meditate on what motivates you will propel you to success.

Realize the power of niches and other Randy Charach principles and harness them to make money for you, as Randy Charach teaches you the above, and even more in this power-packed audio! Download now!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas The Full Seminar - Speaker Randy Charach
By Randy Charach

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Jimmy D BrownJimmy D. Brown has virtually mentored so many viral Internet Marketers throughout the years he has been online through his e-books; most of which he gives for free. In this an hour and twenty-five minutes punctuated with laughter and filled with amazing email list moneymaking strategies, Jimmy D. Brown imparts to you:

1) Why “Information is just information” unless two vital points are factored in.
2) What two actions you have to do with information to make it important to you.
3) What you can do with your list that is actually much much more profitable than selling your own product.
4) Why email marketing is the foundation of your online business and why it determines how much you would be able to earn online.
5) What the “DEEP” formula is and why it is crucial to building your email list.
6) What kind of lists/databases to build and the techniques you should use in order to extract the most profits from these.
7) What viral marketing really is and how to incorporate it into your own business to make the most money possible out of it.

Jimmy D. Brown is not only an amazing online marketer, he is an amazing person who uses humor to endear his audience and customers to himself. That alone is a strategy in itself. And with this, he teaches how you could apply treating other people kindly, even people who won’t buy from you, would help you reel in the profits. As a matter of fact, this “strategy” of his helped him make $20,000 from one customer in just a year!

Catch Jimmy D. Brown’s viral marketing bug and be enriched by listening to his audio now!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas The Full Seminar - Speaker Jimmy D Brown
By Jimmy D Brown

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Bart BaggettDo you want to be set free from managing your business, but you don’t know how to go about it? Are you considering using publicity tricks to drive traffic to your website and eventually turn that traffic into cold, hard cash through publicity? If you are dumbfounded as to how to go about that, Handwriting Analysis expert Bart Bagget, who has been on CNN, hosts his own radio show in Texas, and has been in the Internet Marketing business since 1995, shares his secrets on how you can:

1) Get on a radio show for free
2) Go on CNN for free
3) Sell information online using free PR
4) Gain credibility for your products using a mock radio interview.

Bart Bagget tells you his secrets on how he turned a bookstore failure into $ 144,000 of annual, residual income. Not only that, he helps you understand the essence of publicity and help you turn publicity into sales conversion. Bart also gives you compelling reasons why making things easy for your potential interviewers will earn you five minutes of radio or TV exposure, which, with the right positioning, will eventually give you 2 hours of free publicity. What’s more, Bart also tells you the secret of using a sense of urgency in your PR material to reel in the sales.

You need not hire a PR firm to manage your advertising needs. Believe Bart Bagget, these will only bleed you of thousands of dollars which you have better use for. Listen to his techniques and learn that you don’t even need to get into Oprah to use free publicity and turn it into cash!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas The Full Seminar - Speaker Bart Baggett
By Bart Baggett

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Bob SilberHaving an online business is certainly not easy. With legalities to think of aside from making the sales themselves, you might be wondering if you’re not just setting yourself up as a potential lawsuit target by what speaker Bob Silber calls the “lunatic fringe elements” who might happen upon your website.

But worry no more. Bob Silber talks about how you can legally protect your business, get the government off your back, and save yourself from a lot of legal headaches and aggravation by using four key things that you must have on your website.

These four things all revolve around the use of contracts to make yourself the least liable in case of lawsuits. Contracts, by the way, are legally binding agreements that two or more parties enter. In the Internet Marketing scenario, these contracts are agreements between you and your customer or client. Bob Silber then emphasizes why contracts are crucial to your business, and helps you use the following to your advantage:

1) The customer’s choice in entering an agreement with you in the form of approving a contract you would place on your website.
2) The clause in the contract law, wherein you, as a contracting party, are free to contract to any terms you want.

He then tells you how you can strategically place your disclaimers and warranties, and also your contracts in order to ensure that you are the least liable in case of customer complaints. He also tells you how to word and position the disclaimers and contracts so as not to kill sales, but at the same time making yourself the least legally liable in case of mishaps.

Want to learn how to protect your business through the strategic use of disclaimers, warranties and contracts? Download this seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas the full Seminar - Speaker Bob Silber
By Bob Silber

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Kirt ChristensenHow on earth could an Internet magnate churn out over $9000 in profit within ten days from an “ugly little website” that an 18-year old made? Would you even believe that that “lousy little website” made $8,500 in four months even before speaker Kirt Christensen bought it? Then would you believe that Kirt also made killing from a website worth $120,000 per year (in net profits), that he bought at only $18,000 up front?

If you are interested in knowing:

1) Why Kirt Christensen believes that what spells success and failure in an online business is just one tiny little tweak;
2) Why buying and buying-and-selling “lousy websites” would let you rake in thousands of dollars;
3) What “arbitrage” is and how you can put it to work in making money for you;
4) How you can make transactions with no risks at all and let these roll in the money for you;
5) Why your mindset is the only thing that would limit your quest for online riches;
6) What the most valuable skill/training in the world is and why it is better than becoming a doctor, a lawyer or even an I.T. guru;

...Then you better listen to this audio. Aside from those surely compelling reasons above, it would also do you good to listen to this audio if only to find out how you can verify that the website you are about to purchase indeed makes money.

Ready to listen to the various ways you can make a substantial income by buying and selling websites that are already online and raking in profit? Download the audio now!

Big Seminar #1 Dallas The Full Seminar - Speaker Kirt Christensen
By Kirt Christensen

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

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