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  BigSeminar #2 San Francisco 2003

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Alex MandossianHave you exhausted all the means to make money online, and still the strategies just don’t seem right for you? Have you run out of ideas to sell your products and are desperate for a new way to approach Internet Marketing? Have you ever entertained the thought that asking questions just may bring in money?


Alex Mandossian’s innovative “Ask Campaign,” the highlight of this audio, is the perfect example of how asking questions may be the best thing to add to your moneymaking repertoire.

If you want to know:

1. How to build a moneymaking system out of letting your customers ask you questions.
2. Why it is actually not important to get a “big shot” like Tony Robbins to boost your business.
3. How you could take a tried-and-tested idea, but by looking at it from a different point of view, you could generate a newer, better, more income-pulling scheme.

Then download this Big Seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Alex Mandossian
By Alex Mandossian

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand MorinStrategies are key in your Internet Marketing business. On the lookout for those strategies you’ve never heard before? Armand Morin, marketing guru extraordinaire, tells you exactly how you can double your sales or deals in 60 days OR LESS.

If you can’t figure out why your sales copy just isn’t working, this is the audio download for you! Armand talks about how you can revive your sales page and get your site visitors to the Order Page and buy your products right there and then!

If you want to know:

1. What points to revise in order to double the orders your sales pages can pull in;
2. How to increase sales through the strategic positioning of Order Links throughout your ad copy emails and web pages;
3. How to double your possible income in only 5 minutes just by increasing the number of Order Links in your sales copy;

...Then download this Big Seminar San Francisco audio now, and double your sales in 60 days or less!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Armand Morin
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Bob SilberThe Internet is free-for-all, so there are no laws right? Think again.

While the Internet seems to be an unregulated venue, the Federal Trade Commission is actually making steps to increase the protection of online consumers. Take it from Bob Silber, there is a need for you to play by the Law when you do online business!

Bob Silber tells us:

1. Why disclaimers are essential and how they may well determine if you could continue your online business.
2. Why you should honestly state that the income your customers expect to receive from your system or product are not guaranteed.
3. What the various kinds of disclaimers are and what they are best for.

Bob Silber takes us through the rudiments of conducting online business lawfully and gives us compelling reasons why we should play by the Law, even on the Internet.

Want to know how you could keep the FTC from cracking down on your web business? Download and listen now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Bob Silber
By Bob Silber

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Declan DunnWe cannot emphasize enough that you would be maximizing your profits if you went the way of Affiliate Marketing. Sure you got the basics down pat, but is it ever enough?

Declan Dunn helps give your Internet-based business and affiliate marketing system a boost with his enhanced Affiliate Marketing tips.

He makes the Internet Marketer realize:

1. Why you should never leave getting an email list out of your plan.
2. Why affiliating with individuals may turn out to be a crucial decision.
3. Why the direct marketing strategy is effective not only in the “offline world” and also why it would do you good to follow the lucrative pattern of direct marketing.

If you want to hear:

1. Why being a master of all trades could prove to be the Achilles heel of affiliates.
2. Why focus is king in the Affiliate Marketing scene.
3. Why communication with your email list members, or the lack of interaction with these subscribers, could make or break your Internet Marketing campaign.

If you want to hear a serious boost for your Internet Marketing strategy direct from Declan Dunn, download this audio file now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Declan Dunn
By Declan Dunn

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Frank GaronYou’re on your way to starting your business on the Internet, but you don’t have a clue. Let Frank Garon show you:

1. Why you don’t have to learn about everything about the Internet to start a business on it.
2. Why all you need to know to ace Internet Marketing is to learn how to follow instructions.
3. Why note-taking is all crucial when you attend seminars.
4. Why applying the notes you took would spell the success of your business.
5. Why the amount of notes you take in a seminar is directly related to the success of your web business.
6. Why, when you find a method that works for you, you have to do it over and over again.
7. Why paying for information could be helpful to your success.
8. Why applying that information is crucial to your success.

Frank Garon shows us why the Internet should not be an intimidating medium. All you need to do is to be receptive and ready to learn.

So are you ready to listen up? Download, listen and apply to your business now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Frank Garon
By Frank Garon

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Stephen PierceYou know that your mailing list is your gold mine. But left inert, it would just be a list of people’s names. So how do you tap into the power of the mailing list?

Stephen Pierce tells his secrets how his list of a thousand people proved to be his gold mine.

Prick up your ears as Stephen shows you:

1. How providing what your mailing list members want is your win-win weapon for success.
2. Why it is important to focus on giving attention to, and meeting the needs of every single person you meet.
3. How caring about other people would work for your business.
4. How your relationship with your consumers would spell the success of your Internet Marketing strategy.
5. Why people want to know that your focus is on them and how you could use that to your advantage.
6. How building your image is crucial in your business.

Listen to Stephen Pierce emphasize how important relationships are to your Internet Marketing system, and what it takes to make it work for you! Download now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Stephen Pierce
By Stephen Pierce

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Carl GallettiYou have a product that tops anything else in the industry. But it doesn’t seem like you’re selling copies at all. So what’s wrong?

Carl Galetti shows you:

1. Why the ad copy is the most important thing that has to be done right in your Internet-based business.
2. Why giving your customers a fully-packed experience of your website and product is the one key to selling more.
3. Why adding audio to your product would actually add more revenue for you.
4. How Google AdWords could be your best friend.

Carl also shares the three most crucial components in a business, and why the biggest mistake in Internet Marketing is not the lack of knowledge about the technical aspects and components of it. If you want to know how the most fatal flaw in the Internet Marketing industry is not paying attention to your ad copy, and why not knowing anything about marketing may well be your downfall, download, listen and pay attention to this BigSeminar audio now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Carl Galletti
By Carl Galletti

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Joe VitaleJoe Vitale is one of the pioneers and one of the most respected Internet Marketing experts. Best known for his Hypnotic Writing techniques, we know you want a piece of his secrets and you want them now.

If you want to know:

1. What hypnotic writing is really all about.
2. Why hypnotic writing could be your best weapon in pulling in those sales.
3. How you could turn your sales copies, ad copies and promotional copies into something that simply pull in sales.
4. Why playing to your customers’ emotions is the best-kept secret in the copywriting business.

Hypnotism is a state of waking trance. It is a state of consciousness wherein your eyes are open, but you are so focused on one thing, that everything else fades away. How does hypnotism relate to your business? Why would this phenomenal focus from your customer prove important to your business? How do you get your customers to be hypnotized by your product?

Want to know all these? Listen and download now!

Big seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Joe Vitale
By Joe Vitale

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Randy CharachAre you under the impression that the e-book is a passé strategy? Are you running out of ideas, but won’t touch e-books for fear that all that effort won’t bring you in a cent anyway?

Well, think again! Randy Charach makes a compelling statement about how e-books are alive and well in the industry!

If you want to learn:

1. Why niches are important and why you need to be an expert of a niche.
2. How to capitalize on that expertise to maximize your business’ potential.
3. Why there is a need for you to create an information product.
4. Why going into joint ventures would boost your business.

And if you also want to explore:

1. Why personal interaction should be the cornerstone of your joint venture.
2. Why rapport is all-important in joint ventures.
3. How planning could smoothen out the kinks in your joint venture system.

Then listen closely to Randy Charach and hear him impart all those and more. Why is commitment important and why should you fulfill these commitments? Stoked? Intrigued? Needing to know all these and more? Download now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Randy Charach
By Randy Charach

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Frank KernYou want your own Internet Empire and you want it now. Frank Kern shares how he built his own Internet Empire, and how he started with just the “Instant Internet Empire” product.

Want to tap into Frank’s empire-building secrets and learn for yourself:

1. Why spamming is NOT the best option for a long-term business.
2. Why listening to your market would spell your success.
3. Why finding your own niche is important.
4. Why focusing on and taking care of your niche market’s needs are highly crucial.
5. How to deal with and what to do in a “very very competitive market”.

Frank Kern gives out secrets his own Internet Empire was built on. If you want to catch him as he emphasizes the importance of your customers and how to take care of them, if you want to catch his secrets on how you only have to focus on what your target market wants, to build your Internet Empire brick by brick, download

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Frank Kern
By Frank Kern

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Jonathan MizelYou are psyched to start your Internet Marketing business. You are on fire, and you want to set the world on fire. Ideas swirl around your head and you are eager to start. But wait, how DO you start your business online?

Jonathan Mizel might help you! Listen up and listen intently, as Jonathan shares:

1. How direct marketing strategies actually work on the Internet.
2. Why even on the Internet, customer satisfaction is king.
3. How to ensure customer satisfaction in your products.
4. Why you should work on devising a quality follow up system to make sure you won’t lose customers.
5. How quality ad copy would boost your sales and business.
6. Why Affiliate Marketing would save you time and money and..
7. How an Affiliate Marketing program would enhance your novel ideas for your business.
8. Why the mailing list is all-important, and..
9. How your mailing list could be grown.

All set and eager to learn how to start your online moneymaking venture? Download now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Jonathan Mizel
By Jonathan Mizel

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Fred GleeckYou’d think that offline experience means nothing for your online profiteering, right? Think again. Fred Gleeck brings his offline marketing expertise by bringing these skills to his online business. If you are tired of the stress and worry of a real-world business, and you are ready for some online success, let Fred Gleeck show you the way.

If you want to learn how Fred was able to apply his offline skills to his online businesses and discover:

1. Why communication is crucial for your Internet business and how it could work for you.
2. How to go about setting up communication to work for you and your Internet business.
3. Why technologies are not enough, and what is more important than technology, for the consumer.
4. Why information products may well become your main cash cow
5. How to build your Internet Marketing empire around your information products line and the secrets to making your ventures a success.

If you want to tap into the power of information, hear Fred Gleeck expound on all the topics mentioned, and learn the secret of the significance of life-changing products for consumers, download and listen now!

Big Seminar #2 San Francisco 2003 - Speaker Fred Gleeck
By Fred Gleeck

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

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