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  BigSeminar #3 Orlando 2004

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Alex MandossianWhen you go to seminars like the next Big Seminar, what do you aim to do there? Do you just want to soak in the information, just for the heck of learning something new? Or do you want to make the most out of it and eventually turn what you’ve learned into cold, hard cash?

Alex Mandossian, as anchored by Armand Morin, prepares you who are heading for the next Big Seminar with tips on how to squeeze the most out of every minute of your stay there. This is so you will not just be a bench warmer there. No more soaking up all the information but end up wasting what you paid for by not using what you’re soaking up. Prepare to soak up, apply, and make cold, hard, cash.

Alex tells the secrets:

1. Why it is absolutely important to network with experts, and even peers, in the Internet Marketing business.
2. Why asking questions could make or break your Internet Marketing career.
3. Why you cannot go unprepared to the Big Seminar. Alex and Armand gives you compelling reasons why it is a must to mentally prepare yourself to soak in all the learning.
4. Why it is crucial for you to approach speakers, and even fellow seminar-goers.
5. Why gestures like asking and paying for a one-on-one with your preferred speakers will secure you a chance at making it big in the Internet Marketing industry.

Other sneak peaks into the audio:

Alex and Armand tell you to bring along calling cards and notepads.. Why? Download and listen!

How do you exchange contact information properly? And why is it actually more important to get others’ contact info rather than give your own contact information? Listen up to know more.

Alex Mandossian not only prepares you to get the most out of your attendance in Big Seminar; he actually gives you ideas in how to treat every enrichment/learning event that you go to. Just apply his tips and pointers to your other learning endeavors, and you will be on your way to making millions! Want to hear the prep talk? Download this Big Seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Alex Mandossian, anchored by Armand Morin
By Alex Mandossian

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand MorinIn a preview to the Big Seminar last March 19-21st, 2004 in Orlando, Florida, Armand Morin hypes up the excitement, as he also imparts gems of Internet Marketing wisdom in around an hour and a half of pure Internet Marketing electricity.

While he drums up the excitement for the big day of the Big Seminar, Armand also gives precious bonuses of Internet Marketing gems. Gems which, in minutes of listening to Armand and then applying these to their businesses, clients who come to Armand for coaching were able to use to turn around their businesses. Or, as Armand said, “..at least increase it from what it’s currently doing.”

In this seminar, Armand starts with pointing out reasons why some Internet Marketing strategies are not effective enough. According to Armand, 97% of the people who go to the most successful marketers’ websites would not buy their products. So how can you ensure that you get sales from your website visitors? Armand’s open secret? Email capture.

If you want the lowdown on why a catchy subject line is all-important in getting your readers to just read your email, and why it is absolutely crucial for you to eliminate the need to scroll down the emails you send to your subscribers and potential buyers, download and listen on to Armand Morin’s Big Seminar preview audio!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Armand Morin
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand MorinYou have been pretty successful with your Internet-based business so far. You have your nifty, best-selling pack of Information products. But after several marketing and sales hits, you have hit a plateau with your product creation. You’ve run out of ideas! You’ve run out of things to say! What to do?

Yanik Silver shares the Internet’s best-kept secret. Public Domain Information!

If you want to know:

1. What Public Domain Information is, and why it would prove important to you.
2. What the general rules surrounding Public Domain Information are.
3. How you could tell if an article, book, or any other product is considered a Public Domain property.
4. How you can maximize the use of Public Domain Information to beef up your products.
5. How to go about making great products completely out of Public Domain Information.

Also, if you are dumbfounded as to how to sell your informational products, Yanik Silver also teaches you where you can find the best markets for your products. He and Armand Morin also discuss how you can package these products so as not to give hints that they are actually public domain products.

Writing your articles and making your products on your own is a taxing, time-consuming effort. You could save time by using these public domain works! Stop churning out your own e-books for a while and take a vacation! Stop bleeding fees on your ghostwriters! Download this Big Seminar Pre-Seminar Audio now!!!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Yanik Silver, anchored by Armand Morin
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Bruce SafranYou’re starting your online marketing career. But you don’t know whom to trust. To whom should you listen?

Why not try Bruce Safran?

In this Pre-Big Seminar Orlando call, Bruce Safran who used to work for Xerox, and is a licensed copyright lawyer, tells us the importance of treating your Internet-based business like a “real” business. If you want credibility, take it from someone who has both Internet-based and brick-and-mortar business successes to his name! As only one of his long list of credentials, Bruce has the Auto Web Law phenomenon to his name.

Bruce points out that the biggest mistake that the fledgeling Internet Marketer has made is that he has treated his Internet Marketing business just like a job replacement. He and Armand agree that people seem to have traded their jobs for another job when they got into online marketing.

So as a fledgeling Internet Marketer:

1. How should you break that mold?
2. How do you “put yourself out of a job,” as Armand states?
3. How do you create a system and consequently, wealth, that will help you live more rather than work more?
4. Why shouldn’t you take all the opportunities that come your way?
5. And why is it important to have a vision?

Want to find out? Listen to this Big Seminar pre-Seminar Audio now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Bruce Safran, anchored by Armand Morin
By Bruce Safran

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

David GarfinkelA lot of budding copywriters ask what is it that would make a writer so successful, that his or her client list would include Time Life Books, IBM, United Airlines and a number of other industry stars?

David Garfinkel, who used to be the San Francisco bureau chief for McGraw-Hill’s magazine division, shares his secrets on how he got those top-notch clients up there.

If you are excited to learn how David was able to get those top-notch clients to work with him and duplicate his success in your own copywriting business, listen to David share:

1. Why being able to translate technical information for the lay person to understand would prove to be an all-important asset in the copywriting business.
2. Why brevity and conciseness in your copy would actually bring you more results.
3. Why knowing what your customers want is a tool for being able to create copy that would spell a successful sale.
4. Why observing people may well become one of your most effective weapons in creating killer sales copies.
5. Why your best strategy may well just be lying around in your business already, but you haven’t been able to tap into its power simply because you’re concentrating on things that don’t really matter.
6. How you can elicit the same results without needing to write a dissertation on your topic.

David and Armand expose, for your benefit the best-kept secrets of killer sales copy. Take it from the copywriter who has worked with the best!

Big Seminar #3 Orlalndo 2004 -Speaker David Garfinkel, anchored by Aramnd Morin
By David Garfinkel

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Michel FortinWhat does it take for your potential customers to want to read your sales letters and soak up enough persuasive information to make them want to buy? Are you at the point where you are starting to think that you must be doing something wrong somewhere with your sales copies? Do you want to learn how to beef up your sales letters enough so that you will be able to make that elusive sale?

Then listen up! For Michael Fortin teaches, in this audio:

1. Why you need to give your customers enough information to convince them to buy.
2. How much information would be enough to convince a person to make a purchase.
3. Why you don’t need those customers who will read only a few paragraphs of you sales copy.
4. Why you only need the customer who will read your sales copy through to the end.
5. Why statistics say that people actually want longer pages with more content rather than more pages with less content.
6. Why there is no such thing as copy that is “too long.”
7. What the three levels of copy are, and how you can maximize the use of these.
8. What the “three T’s” of Internet Marketing are, and why you shouldn’t be one of those who fail to do these.
9. How you could use these “three T’s” of Internet Marketing to increase your sales conversions.
10. How you could tap into the power of proofs and testimonies to make more sales.

Excited to get hold of this power-packed knowledge? Download Michael Fortin’s Orlando pre-seminar Audio now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Michel Fortin, anchored by Armand Morin
By Michel Fortin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Jonathan MizelYou have so many ideas on how to make your Internet-based business flourish. But none of them work. No matter what modern method you come across, you always seem to strike out. Are you starting to think you’re doing everything wrong? What if... You try using methods that seasoned Internet Marketers use back when Yahoo! was just an appendage in a Stanford University website?

What if John Mizel told you that decade-old strategies actually still work today? What if he told you that the direct selling approach still works?

Aside from making you realize that direct selling strategies are still as potent today and yesterday, he also teaches:

1. What the basic steps and principles of direct selling are and how they can be applied to Internet Marketing.
2. How to gather the email addresses of possible leads through the most creative -- and stealthy -- means possible.
3. What the “name squeeze strategy” is and how it works.
4. Why just gathering the email addresses is not enough.
5. Why there is a need to be more aggressive with your follow-up system.
6. How to tap the back-end to generate more sales.

Are you psyched to learn more of how to tap into tried-and-tested methods and use these to boost your sales? Then download and listen up now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Jonathan Mizel, anchored by Armand Morin
By Jonathan Mizel

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Alexandria BrownWhile most of us dream of becoming doctors and lawyers, featured expert Alexandria Brown dreamt of becoming an “e-zine queen”. Through the e-zine revolution that happened in her life, she was able to get free of the day job that wasn’t quite what she wanted, and finally reached her dream of becoming one of the most sought-out e-zine producers out there.

If you haven’t realized the potential of the e-zine yet, where were you in the past ten years?! Expert authors like Alexandria Brown have actually built empires around e-zine production, and yet there is room for more people who would want to tap into this rich field of online moneymaking!

So are you ready to listen to Alexandria share:

1. How she became the queen of an e-zine empire by starting with just sending out simple marketing tips once a month.
2. Why touching base with your clients even at least just once a month makes that crucial difference in your business.
3. Why sharing information could not only prove crucial to your business, but also turn into your business’ cornerstone.
4. Why giving away information would build your credibility and strategically position yourself as an expert in your field.
5. How giving away samples and previews could be a strategic move for you to draw clients and keep them coming back to you.
6. How consulting and e-zine distribution could go hand-in-hand and be the reason for you to eventually swim in money.

Alexandria didn’t get to where she is now overnight, but you’d be surprised how simple the steps she took to get to where she is now were. So are you ready to follow her footsteps? Download this crucial seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Alexandria Brown, anchored by Armand Morin
By Alexandria Brown

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Fred GleeckYou may be working from home, but you are still working like a dog, in fact, you are starting to realize that you are actually working harder than ever.

You were told that Internet Marketing is THE way to financial freedom. But where is that financial freedom now? Why are you still neck-deep in credit card debts? Why do you still struggle to survive? Why on earth are you still in the rat race?

You wonder how those Internet Marketing experts got there and what it took to get them there. If you are that desperate to have a piece of their success, then this audio is for you.

If you want to listen to Fred Gleeck show you the secrets to financial freedom by way of the Internet, dowload this audio to learn:

1. Why freedom from the rat race starts with delaying gratification.
2. Why you have to start with living frugally in order to eventually live a lavish lifestyle.
3. Why financial freedom needs you to take steps to minimize your overall expenses.
4. Why passive income would be your ticket to out of the rat race and into the fast lane.
5. Why creating your own products will set you on your way to moving out of the rat race and into the life you want to live.

Financial slavery and being chained to your desk or your home computer is something you don’t want. If you want to learn how to take hold of financial freedom, download Fred Gleeck’s pre-seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Fred Gleeck, anchored by Armand Morin
By Fred Gleeck

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Jim EdwardsIt takes a lot of work to “make it” online. But once you have the hang of it, once you grab hold of essential secrets, you will be able to ride the wave of Internet-based wealth!

So what exactly does it take? Would you need to invest millions just to be able to make thousands? Certainly not!

Just listen up to Internet Marketing pioneer Jim Edwards teach you:

1. Why creating products is important and why they will turn into perpetual income for you.
2. Why people actually can come across product
3. How you can “update” your products only by changing your copyright year and still sell your products!
4. Why incorporating multimedia into your products may turn out to be the Holy Grail in your product development.
5. How you can supercharge your income generation and make your brand stand out through your multimedia product line.
6. Why a great sales letter is important, even if the only thing it sells is a subscription to your newsletter.
7. Why giving away products and crucial information would be your investment to reeling in more profits.

From the man who pioneered giveways for sign ups and sales letters for newsletter subscriptions, you can’t get tips better than these. Want to learn all that and more? Download Jim Edwards’ pre-seminar audio and listen up now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Jim Edwards anchored by Armand Morin
By Jim Edwards

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Jimmy D BrownYou’ve been fumbling around the Internet trying to figure out to make a buck for several months now, and still, you always come up empty-handed. Strategies abound, but they just don’t seem to work on you! And yet you hear stories of all these men and women who have made it online, and you have to admit, you envy them and you want to duplicate their success.

If you are desperate to stop bleeding from credit card debt trying all these products that really don’t work, then it’s about time for you to listen to Jimmy D Brown, as he teaches you:

1. How a clueless man, Jimmy himself, was able to turn around his lousy online luck and make it to where the big money is.
2. Why automation is crucial in taking your Internet Marketing business to a higher level.
3. Why viral marketing would eliminate your need for purchasing AdWords or ad space on someone else’s site.
4. Why building a list is critical and serves as your foundation for a successful business.
5. How to use your resource box to draw people to sign up for your newsletters, products or other subscription services.

Making money online is a cinch, if you discover the keys how. Jimmy D Brown hands you some of these keys and even leads you to their keyholes. Unlock your Internet treasure trove now! Download this Big Seminar pre-seminar audio!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Jimmy D Brown, anchored by Armand Morin
By Jimmy D Brown

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

John ChildersJohn Childers makes no secret about it. He came from blue-collar roots, isn’t famous, but he’s a multi-millionaire. How had a man, who honestly and openly admits that he had come from a non-wealthy background, strike gold and made his fortune on the Internet?

How had John Childers started from scratch and built his businesses from the ground up? How could a young man, who had quit high school, become a millionaire within three years, at age 37?

And would you believe that if you download this audio, he will impart to you his very own secrets?

If you want to learn:

1. How you can make millions by succeeding in an industry.
2. How you can make even more millions by teaching other people how to duplicate your success.
3. How you can take second-hand information and turn it into your very own product.
4. How you can turn your second-hand-information products into cash machines.
5. How you can sell your product in a massive way.
6. How Napoleon Hill succeeded in creating a phenomenon out of merely interviewing the wealthy people in his book.
7. Why public speaking is important to your business and how it could pull in more profits.
8. How incorporating product sales into a public speaking engagement would open the floodgates for more profit for you.

With these gems of knowledge at your fingertips right now, you would be foolish if you won’t click that download link!Surely you want to be a millionaire, like John. You say “amen” to that? Download now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker John Childers, anchored Armand Morin
By John Childers

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Mike StewartLooking for ways on how to make your products more and more enriching for your customers? Are you looking for more ways in how to capture their attention and convince them to buy your products? Mike Stewart, who had already seen the potential for audio and multimedia as viral marketing tools and enhancers back in the age of the 56kb dial-up Internet connection, shows you how you can avoid one of the most fatal mistakes in the Internet Marketing world: not making use of multimedia in your products.

You watch television, right? Do you watch it for the commercials? Of course not! But Mike Stewart shows you, in this audio:

1. How to tap into the same principles and secrets used by the television companies, with their advertising schemes.
2. How to make the most out of seemingly useless, but highly interesting content, such as jokes, to fuel your moneymaking schemes.
3. How to enhance your informational products by using multimedia, especially audio.
4. Why making your multimedia products clean and high-quality matters, and how you can make your own multimedia products excellent as well.
5. Which file formats are advisable for use for which type of medium, and why they are suited to that medium or not.

If you had been wondering how to go about making your products and content more enriching for your customers, then wonder no further. This audio is just beckoning for your download! Listen to Mike Stewart now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Mike Stewart, anchored by Armand Morin
By Mike Stewart

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Stephen PierceYou have recognized the full extent of why you need to grow your email list. You know that the power of your Internet Marketing plan revolves around your list. Success is spelled with the number of people on your list, and whether these people are top-quality subscribers. Meaning your list has to be made up of people who are interested in what you have to sell, and are willing and capable of paying for your products.

Your ears seem to be perking up. Well, then, you just might be ready for Stephen Pierce’s secrets!

If you want to hear Stephen Pierce share:

1. What the Pierce Powerplay #77 is and how significant it will be to growing your list.
2. Why you should make your sales email in such a way that people would want to pass it on.
3. How you could make your emails persuasive just by writing the way you talk.
4. Why you should write emails that sound more like friend letters than sales letters.
5. How you could persuade your email list members to send out and refer your newsletters just by making sure that your newsletter content is top-notch.
6. How you could increase referrals just by placing the referral link in a strategic location on your sales newsletters.

There is no reason why your email list subscriptions aren’t skyrocketing yet. In fact, you can very well boost it just by downloading Stephen Pierce’s pre-seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #3 Orlando 2004 - Speaker Stephen Pierce, anchored by Armand Morin
By Stephen Pierce

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

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