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  BigSeminar #4 Los Angeles 2004

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John ReeseLike most of the others in this business, John Reese started out with knowing so little about the Internet. He describes having had to struggle through knowing how to set up webpages manually, and basically working from the ground up in this business.

In this audio John, along with Armand, share the reasons:

1. Why “overdelivering” would prove crucial to your online business.

2. Why it is so important to give your customers more value than what they paid for.

3. Why whatever success you would have at the start is the “lowest success you’ll ever have.” Which means that success online just grows progressively.

4. How to get people to say “yes” to ordering your products.

5. What techniques would get them to say “yes”.

6. How to progress with your moneymaking by testing your sites.

7. What the “split test” is and how it can be a crucial tool in helping you determine the progress of your websites.

8. How to go about using the “split test”

9. What the stages in earning online are and what to expect in each of those stages.

10. Why the secret to making riches online is not some mind-blowing invention, but rather, it goes back to common sense, after all.

John Reese is not an exceptional case in the online moneymaking industry. If you listen to his story, you’d realize that he was just like you years ago. Want to tap into his secrets? Download this seminar audio now!

Big Seminar # 4 Los Angeles 2004 - Speaker John Reese
By John Reese

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Alex MandossianKnowledge is power in our day and age. It has become a commodity, and people would give anything to have knowledge about a certain topic, or to have their current store of knowledge updated through any means. Most turn to the Internet, but a great many still believe that an interactive experience and the ability to ask questions and discuss matters with the source of knowledge is still best.

So? What’s in it for you then?

Of course you’d want to go to a seminar and learn more too, right? But Alex Mandossian takes it a step further by telling you, that YOU can cash in on this phenomenon yourself! YOU can build a successful business through designing, planning, organizing, hosting, and conducting your very own seminars.

But take it a step further still. Why host a live seminar that has gigantic overhead costs and would put you at risk for financial losses? Why not use the power of technology and create your own...

Teleconferencing seminars?

In this audio download, Alex gives you not just the idea to start your own successful teleconferencing business, but he also gives you reasons why:

1. Telling people that the seminar will start on time will increase the chances of their attending the teleseminar.

2. Having a hand-out will be beneficial, in a big way, to both you and your clients.

Alex shares these tactics and more and ensures that you will be able to maximize your profits through conducting teleseminars.

Download this Big Seminar audio today!

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles - Speaker Alex Mandossian
By Alex Mandossian

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand MorinMarketing can be a really risky move; it’s either your target audience will bite the bait or ignore your efforts completely. In order for you to learn how to get your Internet marketing venture going, you also have to learn how to network, which can be just as challenging!

If you think that you can become successful as an Internet marketer without building the right relationships, think again. Fostering contacts with other like-minded individuals or those who are further along the road to success can open your eyes to a lot of opportunities.

In this audio clip, Armand Morin will tell you about some methods that have been employed by popular marketing gurus in order to build partnerships and link exchanges. You will find out more about the following tactics:

1. How you can build your potential partners’ trust by working hard to establish a good relationship with them
2. How your business relationships can develop into a true, mutually beneficial friendship
3. Improving the way you run your business with the help of the right people

Take a seat and learn from this seminar how networking can improve your chances of success!

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles 2004-Speaker Armand Morin
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Mike StewartThe buzzword: Web 2.0. The milestone: YouTube.

The Web 2.0 phenomenon sweeping the Internet today is characterized by user-generated content, multimedia that caters to viewers’ and subscribers’ needs on-demand. YouTube, the video-hosting-and-sharing site, was the Internet upstart that sparked the wildfire of online multimedia sites. With this audio, Mike Stewart tells you how you can tap into this extremely hot and extremely lucrative new media phenomenon.

If you’ve been watching The Next Internet Millionaire, surely you’ve seen how YouTube broadcaster Charles Trippy shared the limelight with “ex-cubicle-slave” Jaime Luchuck as they vied for the top spot. If you noticed, he used his YouTube new media experience to leverage his sales experience. So do you want to listen to how you can duplicate Charles Trippy’s video success?

Then download this Big Seminar audio, where Mike Stewart shares:

1. How video testimonials could boost your sales and make your pitches more credible.

2. Why displaying your products on video would prove much more effective than using still images to showcase them.

3. What the potentials of video as applied to distance learning are and why these are so much better than conventional distance learning methods.

4. What kind of crucial role video can have in product creation and how it could make your online business more profitable.

5. How video could be used as an extremely effective marketing tool.

You know that video is the next frontier of Internet Marketing and you’re eager to learn. So you’ll definitely download this Big Seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles 2004 - Speaker Mike Stewart
By Mike Stewart

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Jim EdwardsThe secret of the Web 2.0 phenomenon lies in new media and good ol’ multimedia. Let’s face it, humans are visual creatures. Today’s generation of Internet users are all easily bored and would like more pizzazz with their Internet surfing fare.

So what’s that got to do with your Internet Marketing business?

If you listen to Jim Edwards as he teaches you how to maximize getting results from your online marketing email list, you’d find out:

1. Why video and screen captures embedded in email newsletters would attract more possible customers and conversions.

2. Why interactive multimedia letters would catch more attention and how you can utilize this to increase more conversions.

3. The secret about people’s penchant for visual learning.

4. Why your email subscriber list is not about quantity, but all about the quality of loyal ones who like your fare and would definitely buy from you.

5. How you can tap into your email list and turn casual subscribers into highly loyal and highly profitable contributors to your income.

Online moneymaking, like moneymaking in general is not just about more people buying from you. You have a part to play, and that is to give them what they want, and in the form that they like. So give your emails an attractive, profit-pulling multimedia boost! Download this seminar audio now!

Big Semeinar #4 Los Angeles 2004 - Speaker Jim Edwards
By Jim Edwards

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Paul ColliganAffiliate marketing is definitely one of the easiest ways for people to make money, and the Internet just made it a whole lot easier for people to become affiliates and earn money for each sale made through their referrals. But while this is definitely exciting and a great moneymaker, a lot of people misunderstand how affiliate marketing really works, causing them to take the wrong steps.

In this interview, Armand Morin talks to Paul Colligan, one of the top Internet strategists, about the power of affiliate marketing. You’ll be able to know:

1. Why you should associate yourself with the right products and how you can find them
2. What you can do to get people to join your affiliate program
3. How you can still earn from your affiliate programs—even when your referrals didn’t buy anything!
4. Why you need to make sure you are joining an Affiliate Program that you really like or are good at.
5. Why two-tier affiliate programs are much better, and why you would want affiliates who are also possible consumers.

Listen in on their conversation and you will discover Paul’s secrets to a high-powered affiliate marketing system. Start profiting from affiliate marketing now.

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles - Speaker Paul Colligan
By Paul Colligan

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Marlon SandersThe Internet has come so far, and it has matured into an information gold mine. Despite some groups saying that there isn’t anything much to earn from online, or some people just being hesitant to venture into the wide, wonderful world of Internet Marketing, Marlon Sanders and Armand Morin dispel your hesitation and reluctance to ride the wave of the Internet Moneymaking world by telling you:

1. Why online moneymaking opportunities are virtually endless.

2. Why products that people can own (e-books, audio they can download) would form the backbone of your profits, and how you can go about creating wealth from a system that builds around this.

3. Why, even though e-books sell for less than what they used to, these are still very much alive, and very much lucrative.

4. Why specific/specialized knowledge, like Napoleon Hill advocated, is much more important than general knowledge.

5. How this specific knowledge spells the difference between exponential sales statistics and so-so sales.

6. Why knowledge without action would render your knowledge acquisition useless.

7. And how you can double your sales conversions in fifteen seconds just through changing one single sentence in your order form text.

Marlon and Armand share with you their profit-pulling secrets and show you that the Internet is not something to be intimidated about. Ready to take a brave step? Download now!

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles - Speaker Marlon Sanders
By Marlon Sanders

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Randy CharachHow in the world had a former magician turned himself into an Internet millionaire?

Want to know Randy Charach’s pointers on how he, a magician (think bunnies out of a hat, with much, much more finesse), who had zero technical background, started from scratch and brought himself to his current stature?

Then download this Big Seminar audio to listen to Randy tell you:

1. Why creating a product is crucial, to the point that he endorses this business move by saying, “Create a product no matter what.”

2. Why creating a website would be crucial to your success.

3. How seminars can help you progress on to success in this field.

4. And how affiliate programs take you miles further.

5. What the “Three C’s” of the email list are, and what the keywords quality, quantity, and building rapport have to do with the success your email list can give your online business.

6. How constantly making offers to your email list would translate to more sales conversions.

7. How giving thought to and analyzing your online moneymaking ventures could bring your efforts the success you’ve aimed for

8. Why online moneymaking is activity-driven, and why quality products are crucial.

If you want to know these, and even the right questions you need to quiz yourself with, in order to keep progressing and improving in online moneymaking; plus to make magic, like Randy Charach, out of your online moneymaking ventures, then download this crucial Big Seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles - Speaker Randy Charach
By Randy Charach

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Super PreviewThe Big Seminar is definitely an exciting event, and this series of quick interviews with the participating Internet marketing gurus will give you an idea as to how you can achieve great success in your online ventures.

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to all of your favorite Internet marketing gurus and hear what they have, now is your chance to do just that with this audio interview. In this audio clip, Armand Morin gets in touch with the Internet marketing experts participating in the Big Seminar. You’ll hear what people like Mike Filsaime, Marlon Sanders, John Reese, Alexandria Brown, and Paul Colligan have to say about the changing face of Internet marketing.

Listen in and find out the basics about the following topics:

1. How to build your information empire
2. Why multi-CD products and big-ticket items are a great thing for you to sell
3. Why you should leverage traffic and outsourcing and how this improves your chances of success
4. The power of affiliate marketing
5. How you can protect your business

And that’s just for starters! This audio will give you the highlights of Big Seminar, but still keep you well-informed throughout each brief interview.

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles 2004
By Super Preview

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand MorinConstant evaluation of your online moneymaking workhorse or system is an important aspect of Internet marketing. Not only should you constantly see how your website is doing, which ones bring in more traffic, when they bring in more traffic, or what articles are a bigger hit, but you also should test even the details of your website and its design that most take for granted.

If you want to know which points to look for in evaluating your website, then best download this audio to learn from Armand Morin:

1. Why knowing how many people came to your webpage is highly significant.

2. Why knowing how many people went from your sales page to your order form is even more crucial.

3. Why knowing how many people actually bought your product proves to be the most important point to track.

4. How you can use these statistics in order to shape the further development of your revenue-generating systems.

5. What the specific tracking secrets are and how you can apply these to your own system of business model and website evaluation.

6. Why momentum is crucial in the Internet Marketing business, and how this creates exponential success.

7. Why Internet Marketing is something you really should look into and why Armand says that “Success in this business is exponential.”

You know you want to get a slice of that exponential business growth. You know you want to learn more. So go on and click that button to download this Big Seminar audio now!

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles 2004 - Testing and Tracking - Armand Morin
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand Morin 2With the Web 2.0 phenomenon currently sweeping through the Internet, new media is fast becoming the rage. Not only is the Internet good for reading or researching, it has grown to the point that it is millions of people’s source of entertainment, and for Internet Marketers like us, the Internet has become our source of income.

And speaking of Web 2.0, would you like to cash in on the Web 2.0 wave and learn how to build a successful online business “in no time at all”?

If you say “aye,” then prepare to be excited with Armand Morin’s online business tips that aim to ensure your success!

Armand not only gives you the reasons:

1. Why audio is a very important medium on the Internet;
2. What purpose audio serves in the emerging new media markets;
3. What uses there are for audio on the Internet,

Armand also gives you reasons why audio is a medium for:

1. Telling people what to do;
2. Telling people what to expect;
3. And how these could benefit everyone,

Armand also gives you the secret why Audio Files are among the most powerful marketing techniques available online.

Psyched and excited to harness the power of new media? Download Armand Morin’s 2nd audio file now!

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles - Speaker Armand Morin 2
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand Morin 3One common thread for the circa 1995 Internet Marketers who are now big names in the industry is that they actually started out racking their brains for ways to crack what they saw as the Internet’s potential for exponential moneymaking. Most of them were young and broke. And “broke” meant debt to the tune of millions of dollars. But today, you no longer have to tread the hard path like they have. Unless you squandered your money on all those scams you fell for before. But not anymore.

This Big Seminar audio has Armand Morin doing something new by inviting his own affiliate and close colleague George Callens, and former Apple graphic designer and E-Filtrate (spam content checker) developer Dori Friend.

If you want to learn about the biggest-kept secrets in the Internet Marketing business, which include:

1. Why building relationships, and just enjoying the company of your peers and colleagues could prove to be a crucial business strategy;

2. How “breaking bread” or informal, generally non-business conversations could turn into fertile fields for golden nuggets of Internet Marketing advice;

3. How a pretty successful man could turn his back on the corporate world when health problems got in the way and then found his equally lucrative and light years more enjoyable niche in the Internet Marketing field;

4. Why you shouldn’t quit your day job until you earn three times your day job’s salary from your web ventures.

Then better not miss out on this! Download this Big Seminar audio, to learn all these and more of Dori Friend’s George Callens’ and Armand Morin’s Internet Marketing secrets now!

Big Seminar #4 Los Angeles 2004 - Speakers Dori Friend, George Callens, Armand Morin3
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

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