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  BigSeminar #5 Atlanta 2005

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T. Harv EkerEveryone loves a rags-to-riches story, except the person currently going through the “rags” part of his life. T. Harv Eker is one person who didn’t start out as a wealthy man, but with a lot of time and effort spent on learning the ins and outs of running a business, not to mention all the frustration he experienced, he grew to become one of the top business experts and is also an author of bestselling books.

In this audio clip, you will learn exactly what it takes to make your business thrive. Some of the things discussed in this seminar include:

1. How to change the way you think about money and how this newfound mentality can improve your business
2. Amazing gorilla business tactics
3. How to use maverick marketing techniques

Sit back, listen, and be inspired by T. Harv Eker’s life story and his advice on how you can make your business grow.

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta 2005 - Speaker T. Harv Eker
By T. Harv Eker

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Alex MandossianGetting your online venture off the ground is definitely a challenge, and you would definitely want to know how to make everything work and what tools you should be using to boost your chances of success. Here, Alex Mandossian will let you in on seven incredible ideas that will make handling much easier—and also help you on the way to making your website a top choice for everyone looking for information on your topic.

A few of the ideas Alex shares in this talk include:

1. Creating a gold membership program, why this will help you, and how you can get it started
2. Why giving away free content can actually do more to help you than harm you, and why this technique can make you more popular than ever
3. How you can use audio and video to reach out to your visitors, build strong relationships with them, and make impact instantly!

Listen to this clip and find out what the rest of his ideas are, and get ready to make a big splash online!

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta 2005 - Speaker Alex Mandossian
By Alex Mandossian

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand Morin
You’ve got the business plan and you’ve got a number of great ideas. So what do you need to do next?

Now it’s time for you to take action and really start getting serious about putting your products out there and making some real money. In this audio talk, Armand Morin talks about how you can improve your business, and provides some suggestions that will help you grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Here are just a few of the subjects discussed in this call.
1. Why you should get a mentor
2. Why should must get in touch with the people who are already successful in the niches you are trying to penetrate
3. What kind of products you should be creating
4. How to take your business to the next level

Expanding your business is no simple feat, but with the help of this audio, you will be able to make it an easier task with the help of all the information Armand presents!

Big Seminar #5 2005 - Speaker Armand Morin
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Stephen PeirceIn this call, Armand Morin talks to Stephen Pierce, and one of the main topics they focus on are smart pages, addressing what they are (for those who don’t know anything about them yet), how they work, and if they still work up to this day. Hear Stephen talk about smart pages and other issues.

1. People’s misconceptions about smart pages
2. Smart pages that consistently rank high on the search engines
3. Why you should focus solely on your business, do what works for your websites, and stop following someone else’s rules!

Smart pages get a mixed reception, but done right, they can really work for all Internet marketers; people are just crippled with the fear of breaking some search engines’ rules even though they’re not doing anything wrong! So if you’ve been working your business and feeling constantly afraid that you’re breaking some rule, this audio interview will show you how you can break free from that mentality and start running your business according to the rules that work for you.

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta 2005 - Speaker Stephen Peirce
By Stephen Peirce

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

JJ ChildersWhen you’re still trying to get a feel for your brand-new business, it’s easy for you to focus on certain things and overlook a few matters, but something you definitely shouldn’t ignore are your taxes, and that’s not even half of the details that you should constantly be aware of. If you’re going to run a business, you might as well do it right!

In this interview, JJ Childers will tell you all about the things that can help you keep your business structured and running smoothly. Apart from that, he also talks in great detail about the following topics:

1. The advantages of running an Internet business
2. The importance of linking up with the right people who can give your business the boost it needs
3. The factors that can spell success or instant death for your business.
4. The types of taxes that should be looking into

One of the keys to success includes being focused and organized, and having all the details ironed out, and this talk will definitely give you all the information that can help you keep your business in order.

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta 2005 - Speaker JJ Childers
By JJ Childers

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

John childersDon’t you just wish you knew what the secrets are that can make you tons of profits? This is something a lot of people are eager to find out, but the truth is, not everyone is willing to put in the effort to make it all happen!

John Childers is not an Internet marketing expert, but he knows the secrets that can really help you explode your profits from your Internet marketing venture. In this call, he talks about the most profitable skill you can have: getting in front of people and actually being able to teach and sell them something.

You can greatly benefit from this talk because you will learn

1. How you can benefit from sharing your own experiences with people
2. Why becoming a public speaker can help your business

among many other tactics that can enhance your business and your products.

So have a listen to this audio and learn how you can get over your fear of public speaking and how you can choose great topics for your talks.

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta 2005 - Speaker John Childers
By John Childers

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Shawn CaseyE-books are an incredible way to get your work recognized, make yourself more known to the world at large, and also make a lot of money, if you know how to do your marketing right. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to think that this is the ONLY source of income that can be made online.

Shawn Casey talks about other alternatives to e-books, and opens your eyes to the ways you can use to tap into what people are interested in and make use of this detail.

Other topics that Shawn and Armand Morin talk about in this interview include:

1. Why seminars are a great investment and how they can help you
2. The stumbling blocks people encounter when they’re trying to start an Internet-based business
3. Why it’s important for you to just learn from other people and not just copy what they did for their own business

Having a great selection of products and sound business model can help you go a long way, and listening to this audio is one of the first steps you should take!

big Seminar #5 Atlanta 2005 - Speaker Shawn Casey
By Shawn Casey

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Mike LitmanIf there’s one thing Mike Litman wants you to remember, it’s this: “Your dream is never over until you quit.” So you can really tell that Armand Morin’s call with Mike Litman is certainly a wake-up call for you to start working to make your dreams come true!

The right amount of capital and a business plan are all well and good in helping you get your online business up on solid ground, but one of the things that you should really have is the right vision. But at the same time, you should also remember that you need to be realistic and take things step by step. That way, you’re not just rushing into any project haphazardly.

This interview will spell out for you some of the major problems that people must overcome and which hinder anyone from succeeding. In a nutshell, this interview advises you to

1. Surround yourself with people who will support your efforts
2. Take the first step first and don’t expect to make it big right away

Have a listen and find out how you can develop the right perspective to help you go in the right business direction!

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta 2005 - Speaker Mike Litman
By Mike Litman

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Mike Stewart
By now, you should know exactly how effective adding audio and video to your website is. People just love to listen in on other people’s thoughts, or whatever they have to sure, and they also love having something to watch. Today, the Web is making this easier than ever.

In this audio, Internet audio and video expert Mike Stewart talks about how adding media to your site just got easier these days as well as what you can expect if you have these features on your site. You can also learn about the following topics:

1. The factors that can make you choose to produce an audio book instead of an e-book
2. The potential of audio and how it can work in the Web
3. How teleseminars can be very convenient for everyone

You’ll also learn how you can develop great-quality materials for your audio content or your podcast. Break away from the Web’s band of bloggers and try your hand at broadcasting online!

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta 2005 - Speaker Mike Stewart
By Mike Stewart

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Joe PolishIf you are just starting with your Internet business, you probably have a decent number of resources available at your disposal, because we’re sure you’ve made every effort to learn as much as you can so you know how you can get your business up and running. What you probably didn’t consider is the fact that you will need a mentor who will guide you, because he or she has already been through what you’re experiencing now!

Joe Polish is one such mentor you can look to for great advice, and apart from sharing the significance of a mentor, he also talks about the following:

1. ELF (easy, lucrative, and fun) marketing and how he came up with the concept
2. How you can improve your sales pitch and become a “marketing psychologist,” making sure that customers and visitors will prefer you over your competitors

Whether you’re running your business online or offline, you’ll find a lot of advice you can actually use in this talk!

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta - Speaker Joe Polish
By Joe Polish

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Linda ForsytheLinda Forsythe started her working career as a nurse, so how did she get involved in the world of Internet marketing? She tells us the story in this call—and we’re sure her story is enough for you to realize that absolutely everyone can make it as an Internet marketer!

In this call, she also talks about the importance of standing out from the crowd. Everyone wants to make a serious impact on their niche, and this can only happen if you’re offering your visitors something truly unique.

Apart from that, you will also hear her thoughts on the following

1. How the power of association can greatly boost anyone’s chances of success and how you can make the right connections
2. How some so-called books on making money on the Internet aren’t all that well put-together, as well as her suggestions
3. What ghost writers can do for your business

With the help of this call, you can improve your products and your marketing techniques with the help of this interview!

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta - Speaker Linda Forsythe
By Linda Forsythe

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand Morin
What are the building blocks of your business, and have you really established them firmly to make sure that your business will hold up through any storms that you might face? This is something you should definitely be thinking about, because not everyone makes sure that his or her business is solid enough even while it’s just starting.

In this audio, Armand Morin talks about the important details and aspects of every business and the ways you can make it grow. Learn about the following matters as well.

1. Why you should be writing your goals down—and making sure you work to achieve them
2. The easiest, most simple products you can create to make money online
3. How you can source materials created by other people for your products

Getting your business started and having products you can sell don’t have to be excruciating. This audio will show you how easy the entire process can be!

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta - Speaker Armand Morin 2
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Armand MorinTraffic is the lifeline of your website, so you would definitely need to work hard to get your numbers up and get more people to visit and stay at your website. Even you have the most amazing products and content, they’re not worth much if no one is coming over to look at them or, more importantly, buy them.

In this audio session, Armand Morin gives more details on the year’s Big Seminar before diving into the meat of the talk: improving your website’s targeted traffic numbers. Believe it or not, it’s not just a matter of building a website and expecting visitors to come trooping in, so you’d better be prepared to put in the effort to pull in people to your website. This talk will teach you:

1. How to systematically improve your traffic
2. Which pay-per-click search engines can boost your number of visitors
3. How keywords and keyword phrases can help you target your traffic

Listen to this audio now and start learning all the major secrets that will send your website traffic numbers shooting through the roof!

Big Seminar #5 Atlanta - Speaker Armand Morin 3
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

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