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  BigSeminar #6 Los Angeles 2005

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Alex MandossianYou have probably heard of a lot of great business techniques that can make you keep Internet marketing venture alive and thriving, and help you make thousands, even millions of dollars and profits. But do you want to learn more and are you just aching to discover some new secrets that will help you make sure your business is constantly fed with good promotions and actual, buying customers? You might therefore want to sit back and listen to this conversation between Alex Mandossian and Armand Morin.

Conducting inner circle marketing campaigns is not just like being part of an ordinary mastermind group—you’ll be part of a monetizable mastermind group, one that is far more intimate and can generate much more tangible benefits for you.

This conversation will also teach you how you can add value to your products and also highlight the importance of leverage and why you need to take advantage of this in your business.

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles 2005 - Speaker Alex Mandossian
By Alex Mandossian

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Armand MorinWhat does it take to be successful in your business? A lot of capital to support your business? Connections? A good name?

If you’re curious about the elements that can spell success for your online business, then you should listen to this talk by Armand Morin. Here, he lists in order the most important things that can make your venture a raging success, and it all starts with having the right product!

You can find out how you can make bestselling products by listening to what Armand has to say, and you’ll also know how you can add value to each of them.

Other topics in this talk include:

1. How you can think differently and try out different ways to make money
2. Why you should act right away on your plans and not wait until it’s too late
3. A list of useful tools that you can use in creating your product

Download this audio now and take action to improve your business today!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles 2005 - Speaker Armand Morin
By Armand Morin

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Martin WalesOkay, so you’ve probably put in long hours just planning your business and making your products, and you want to be able to just sit back after all your hard work and just spend the days counting all the money that’s coming in. You certainly wouldn’t want to spend hours just catching up on your e-mails and manually processing orders, responding to questions, and entertaining any other e-mails related to your product or your website.

Business automation is the answer to your problems, and in this audio interview, Martin Wales discusses everything you need to know.
If you haven’t started automating your business yet, or if you’re just starting your venture and want to know how to make it easier for you, then download this video and pay attention to all the important points being talked about.

Other great topics that can help you out here are affiliate marketing and the importance of providing training for your staff.

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles 2005 - Speaker Martin Wales
By Martin Wales

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Dave LakhaniWhen one person makes it big, it’s very easy for you to just check out what he and she did, and try to replicate the techniques that were used in an effort to make your own business a success. While certain formulas are great—and we certainly won’t contest their value and their effectiveness—people may tend to just stick with that method and start being afraid of trying new things.

Innovation is an important key in growing your business, something you need to know if you want to offer people something unique. At the same time, you should be able to try new methods which won’t allow you to get stuck just doing the same old thing for your business.

This is just one tactic David Lakhani shares with us. Download this audio now to learn David Lakhani’s marketing secrets now and find out how you can apply these tactics to your business!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles - Speaker Dave Lakhani
By Dave Lakhani

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Michel Fortin & Silvie CherieIt is often said that words have power, and without a doubt, words can help make or break your business. Michel Fortin is one of the most well-known copywriters, and in this audio interview, he teams up with his fiancée Silvie Cherie to talk about a formula they have developed in order to help websites grow, improve their content and sell products at the same time.

Copywriting is without a doubt one of the hardest forms of writing, because it’s all up to the sales copy to make an impact and make a sale. And some people tend to think that product that is all the fault of the sales copy, not realizing that bad target marketing and an unsatisfactory product may be causing the problems.

Michel and Silvie’s winning formula will be able to help the following:

1. Businesses who had a product that used to be a bestseller, but is currently experiencing a dip in its sales
2. Businesses with a product that was never able to break into the market
3. People with a plan to get into the Internet marketing scene, but have absolutely nothing to work with and no idea how to start

Find out the secret of this couple’s formula and see how this can improve your website’s performance. Download this audio interview today!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles - Speaker Michel Fortin & Silvie Cherie
By Michel Fortin & Silvie Cherie

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

John CarltonPeople who have never been inclined to write may find that they are forced to do so if they get into the Internet marketing business, and what better way to learn how to write than listening to an excellent, accomplished copywriter?
John Carlton is considered by many Internet marketers as the world’s greatest copywriter, one who can definitely help you bring out the best in your copy and highlight the features of your products just by making some simple tweaks in your copy, increasing your sales as a result.

Listen in and find out more about how:

1. To convince people to buy your product, join your program or mailing list, and promote your site—without directly telling them to do it
2. To develop salesmanship and exhibiting this in your sales copy
3. To tap into your inner salesman

So start being a better copywriter today and download this interview now to discover the secrets to pulling in profits using your sales copy!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles 2005 - Speaker John Carlton
By John Carlton

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Derek GehlHow do you know if your sales copy, your banner ad placements, or your marketing campaign is effective? Before going full-blast with any of those, you have to test them first. Testing is one highly necessary step that you should take if you want to know whether or not your campaigns will make an impact.

This is just one particular topic that Derek Gehl stresses in his talk with Armand Morin. He also shares his thoughts on subjects like:

1. Focusing your strengths on a few key concepts and maximizing them
2. Paying careful attention to all of your products and not ignoring old ones in favor of newer ones
3. Staying several steps ahead of your competitors
4. Making information readily available to your customers
5. The misconception that the e-book is on the decline

Derek also talks at length about Desktop Marketer and how this software can set you apart from your competitors. Listen to this audio now for some great Internet marketing tips!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles - Speaker Derek Gehl
By Derek Gehl

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Jim EdwardsE-books were one of the first—if not the first—products that were sold online by Internet marketers. The formats, the appearance, the layouts, and the content may change, but the whole point of the e-book remains the same. Since then, numerous other products have exploded on the online marketplace, with audio and video materials steadily climbing the ranks. Does this spell the death of the e-book?

Not at all, says Jim Edwards. Indeed, e-books are just improving by the day and more and more websites are hopping on the e-book bandwagon as we speak.

In this interview, Jim talks about

1. the mistakes and assumptions people make about the e-book
2. why some people don’t think e-books are “sexy” anymore
3. how a lot of other people still make tons of cold, hard cash with e-book selling.

So if you’re just getting started as an Internet marketer and are worried that selling e-books has become passé, don’t worry about a thing. You could build your empire around e-books and still be in great company. Download this audio now and listen to what Jim Edwards has to say!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles 2005 - Speaker Jim Edwards
By Jim Edwards

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Joe PolishAh, at last! You’ve been making sales left and right and your profits are steadily climbing. Good job! However, that’s not the end of things. Internet marketing is not just about making a sale and raking in the cash. It’s primarily about people, and how you deal with them and talk to them plays a major role in helping you become even more successful.

In this audio, Joe Polish talks about not just sealing deals on your website, but actually getting things to operate as a proper business, taking note of marketing methods and your margins. He also talks about

1. automation (in online terms) and robotic marketing (for offline businesses)
2. stick strategy secrets, which will help ensure that your customers love your products and also help you build stronger relationships with these customers
3. how investing in attending events, workshops, and seminars can get you some amazing results

Are you really serious about making it as an Internet marketer? You’ll find out how you can improve your capabilities by listening to this audio now.

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles - Speaker Joe Polish
By Joe Polish

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Kirt Christensen
Search engines can be your best friend if you’ve got website content that are popular and easy to find using these search engines. That’s why a lot of website owners are especially concerned with search engine optimization, just to make sure that they really will be able to be seen by a lot of people.

Kirt Christensen shares some information on search engine tactics and the importance of keywords in his phone conversation with Armand Morin.

Apart from that, this audio interview talks about things such as

1. What tools to use in making your webpages
2. Why you should consider outsourcing the work you need to do, whether within the country or overseas
3. Kirt’s opinions on page rank and how people can start increasing their search engine ranking

Start learning more about the power of search engines and the right keywords with the help of this interview. Download this audio clip now and start doing the right things that will make your page rank soar!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles 2005 - Speaker Kirt Christensen
By Kirt Christensen

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Rich SchefrenWhen you’re still getting your business footing, it’s pretty normal for you to be hands-on, handling every possible aspect of your venture, from marketing, sales, and more. As your business grows, however, you need to make things easier for yourself and start learning how to delegate duties. Working less but producing more is the name of the game.

Rich Schefren acknowledges all the help and work done by people working for him and admits that without any help, he and his wife would not have been able to build their business. He also talks about how people running online businesses should learn how to treat what they do as though they were running offline businesses, and provides guidelines on the following:

1. Where you plan to go with your business
2. What you’re going to create
3. How you will achieve your goals

Start getting these details together and you’ll soon have your own online business running smoothly! Download this audio now!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles - Speaker Rich Schefren
By Rich Schefren

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Stephanie FrankCould anyone possibly become a success in the world of Internet marketing without any sort of training or knowledge? That’s what happened to Stephanie Frank, the “accidental millionaire.” She started out with merely a passing interest in the field and a couple of e-books to sell and ended up making more money than she ever made in the past.

In this audio, she talks about how taking in loads of information can lead to “analysis paralysis,” which makes you incapable of making a move or decision regarding your business because, well, you don’t know what you should do and where to start! She also points out that

1. All tactics work, but they just work differently for everyone because people have their own products and target markets
2. People tend to give up easily when they don’t understand something
3. People also lack consistency in their actions and their projects

Definitely an eye-opening talk! So download this audio now to give yourself the fuel you need to see your Internet business through!

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles - Speaker Stephanie Frank
By Stephanie Frank

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

Stephen Pierce
Stephen Pierce has a lot of strong opinions on being a better Internet marketer, and in this audio, he speaks out about a number of issues that tend to hinder people from giving Internet marketing all they’ve got.

He emphasizes several issues that people need to change in order to get even better at running their businesses:

1. Why people simply implement improvements on areas that need to be improved and not pay attention to what is working well to make sure that it keeps on working well
2. How people tend to look more at what things will cost them, but not what they will be getting in return
3. How others simply refuse to invest in themselves

So how do you think about your business and what issues are keeping you from being a bigger success than you already are? This audio will show you how you can change yourself to improve your strengths, your mindset, and your thinking processes.

Big Seminar #6 Los Angeles - Speaker Stephen Pierce
By Stephen Pierce

To Download Audio MP3 Click Here

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